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If you are one of those people who find lauki (bottle gourd) extremely boring and unpleasant, you are not alone. Most people find lauki extremely boring because of its bland taste and delicious texture. This is why many of us have made excuses or continue to invent reasons to avoid having lunch or dinner at home when any kind of bottle gourd is on the menu. From claiming stomach aches to faking a lack of appetite or already eating out, we’ve all come up with creative excuses to skip any meal that includes bottle gourd. This is exactly the case with this Twitter user whose mother cooked lauki in a one-course meal.

A WhatsApp conversation between a son and his mother over the meal she was cooking. (Twitter/@Sagarbudhwani_)

Twitter user Sagar Budhwani recently shared his disappointment with his mother’s choice of vegetables for the main course – lauki. He shared a picture of his conversation with his mother on WhatsApp. “Mami aj khane mein kya banaya hai (Mother, what have you cooked today)?” he asked. To this, Budhwani’s mother replied with a picture of lauki (bottle gourd).

Check out the WhatsApp conversation below to know what happens next:

Relatable, isn’t it? The tweet was shared a few hours ago. Since then it has raked in more than 8,700 views and close to 400 likes. Many even took to the comments section of the video to share their thoughts.

Here’s how people reacted to the WhatsApp conversation between a mother and her son:

An individual wrote, “Aaj ghar par pitai hogi (Today, you will be beaten at home).” “Ab beghar hokar kaha jaaoge rehne (Where will you live now that you are homeless)?” asked another. A third said, “Aunty Twitter par kyun nahi hai (Why isn’t your mother on Twitter)?” Many even dropped laughing emoticons in the comments section. Do you like bottle gourd? If not, what excuses do you make at home to avoid having the dish?

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