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Countless videos inundate the Internet, with only a select few having the magical ability to uplift our spirits instantaneously. Among them is this video that is spreading smiles on Twitter. The video captures a heartwarming moment of a waddle of penguins walking with bags on their backs. Many couldn’t help but be captivated by the sheer cuteness and the touching display of camaraderie between these adorable creatures.

A waddle of penguins carrying colourful bags on their backs. (Twitter/@buitengebieden)

While some people shared that they found the sight of penguins carrying their adorable little bags to be the cutest thing they’d seen all day, others expressed their desire to join in on the fun. A few even took a guess at what might be inside those cute little bags.

“Penguins going on a trip,” reads the caption of the video shared on the Twitter handle @buitengebieden. The video is an endearing sight of penguins taking tiny steps, each one donning a colourful bag on their back. As they walk, an individual films them.

Watch the viral video of penguins here:

Since being shared on August 5, the video has accumulated over 16.2 million views, and the numbers are still increasing. A few even shared their thoughts in the comments section.

Here’s how people reacted to this cute video:

A Twitter user wrote, “Now this is a fantastic little video!” “I don’t know where they’re headed, but I wanna go too,” posted another.

A third commented, “Oh my goodness, so cute!”

“The way penguins walk will be forever entertaining,” shared a fourth. A fifth added, “I want one now.”

“I’m wondering what’s in these backpacks. A fishie?” enquired a sixth. What are your thoughts on this cute video of penguins carrying cute little bags on their ba?

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