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Gergely Dudás, a digital artist based in Dresden, Germany, is a name synonymous with intriguing brain teasers. The artist often shares boggling puzzles on social media that leave his followers and puzzle enthusiasts scratching their heads. In his latest creation, he presents another mind-bending puzzle that will keep you glued to your screen for quite some time. The objective is seemingly simple – to find four mice and five mushrooms. However, once you take a look at the brain teaser, you’ll quickly realize that it’s not as easy as it seems.

Brain Teaser: Can you find four mice and five mushrooms among these leaves?(Facebook/@thedudolf)

The brain teaser shared on Facebook by the artist shows dried leaves of varied colours. Among them, hidden in plain sight, are four mice and five mushrooms waiting to be discovered. Are you up for the challenge? If so, how quickly can you spot them?

Take a look at the brain teaser right here:

The brain teaser was shared six days ago on Facebook. It has since garnered attention online, accumulating 350 reactions and over 150 reshares. Many even took to the comments section of the post to share their thoughts.

Check out how puzzle enthusiasts reacted to this brain teaser:

“Four mice were very easy to find but the mushrooms were harder. I only found 2 mushrooms,” posted a Facebook user.

Another added, “Found the mice quickly but the first mushroom took forever. Finally found all five! Was not easy either! This was a great brain workout.”

“This one got me! Got the mice, but couldn’t find the last mushroom. Great challenge!” expressed a third.

A fourth shared, “I found the four mice pretty quickly, but took ages to find all the mushrooms. Even the first mushroom was hard to find; I scoured about 80% of the picture before I found the first one.”

“Toughest one ever! The mice were an easy find, but I still haven’t found all 5 mushrooms! Well done to you, sir!” commented a fifth.

A sixth joined, “Wow, that was so hard, but I finally did it.”

Were you able to find all four mice and five mushrooms in this brain teaser?

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